Monday, August 05, 2013

Fr. Rutler reassigned to Hell's Kitchen

"Father Rutler, besides all his other accomplishments, is probably the only priest in the history of New York to be a product of both the ivy League and Oxford. So they send him to Hell’s Kitchen. Cardinal Newman would smile." Thus writes Guy Noir in the telegram I received from him dated July 28th.

He is referring, of course, to the event chronicled by Lawrencinium Tiberius Rochenhoffenstauffengreensteinberg-Jones in Fr. Rutler reassigned in NYC (A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics, June 20, 2013), who writes:
I haven’t posted as much from Fr. George Rutler as I should have. He’s a convert from episcopalianism, like me. He’s a very erudite man. And he’s been building up quite an orthodox parish in NYC for years. He has been pastor of Our Savior, a beautiful church, for 12 years. Well, no more. He’s been reassigned to a St. Michael’s parish by Cardinal Dolan:
Fr. George Rutler, pastor of the vibrantly orthodox Church of Our Saviour in midtown Manhattan, is being reassigned to St. Michael’s Church in Hell’s Kitchen.
At the link, we get some garbage from George Weigel about “evangelical Catholicism” and why Rutler should not have been moved. Is there a button george_rutlerwhere I can make Weigel shut up? Cuz I’d really like that button. Him, and Dr. Jeff Mirus, who just declared opposition to the shamnesty being foisted on us immoral. In fact, he declared immigration laws and any opposition to immigration in general immoral and un-Catholic.

But I digress. The reason this irks me, is because I really hate the post-conciliar canon law which permits bishop’s conferences to set term limits for priests. I know there are people who argue that this can be a good thing, as it allows bad priests to be moved around (here’s my solution: remove bad priests from ministry) and keeps “unhealthy” attachments from growing between parishioners and priest. Because, you know, it’s a bad thing to be too close to your dad. Yikes, who would want that?

Church of Saint Michael, New York City

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Tantumblogo said...

Hey, PP, you can just call me Tantamergo or Tantumblogo. Thanks for the link to my blog

The name is an old joke. Like me!

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

I guess the honeymoon is over. Apparently, not even being a celebrity convert with a boob tube connection is enough to save you these days, if you have been infected with the deadly mycobacterium leprae gregoriae.

As one who has attended many masses in a mission church, I can tell you that most of the people who show up have no idea of Catholicism, protestantism, the differences between them, or how to spell them. Many literally do not know where they are or care. These are Bergoglio's people, the new Catholic standard: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, now where's my free stuff?

But now that the despicable Ab Falstaff has shot his wad, Rutler should continue to say at least one weekly gregorian mass, despite what is likely to be the din in the pews. Let people see how five decades of the new stuff has chastened and purified the downscale laity. Perhaps one of the extraordinary ministers can hand out Obamaphones as a come-on.

Pertinacious Papist said...

"mycobacterium leprae gregoriae"??
"Obamaphones"?? LOL!

Where do you COME UP with this stuff??