Sunday, August 18, 2013

God's just judgment upon us

From the Prayer of Azariah [deuterocanonical text following Daniel 3:23 in Catholic Bibles]:
[6] For we have sinfully and lawlessly departed from thee,
and have sinned in all things and have not
obeyed thy commandments;
[7] we have not observed them or done them,
as thou hast commanded us that it might go well with us.
[8] So all that thou hast brought upon us,
and all that thou hast done to us,
thou hast done in true judgment.
[9] Thou hast given us into the hands of lawless
enemies, most hateful rebels,
and to an unjust king, the most wicked in all the world.
[10] And now we cannot open our mouths;
shame and disgrace have befallen thy servants and worshipers.
[Hat tip to Fr. Perrone's "Pastor's Descant" for August 18, 2013]

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Judges: The children of Israel also returned by their tribes, and families, to their dwellings. In those days there was no king in Israel: but every one did that which seemed right to himself.

And, thus, the punishment we Christian Catholics deserve for our own sins of commission but the even worse sins of omission of The Magisterium since the 1960s when we abandoned Our King, Jesus, (he doesn't reign over you; Mahomet, Luther, and rabbinical Judaism are just fine; even paths of salvation established by the Holy Ghost ) in favor of masonic democracy in the west and universal mankind's salvation, which is to be found in the profound, United Nations - so highly praised from Pope Paul Vi to Pope Benedict XVI.

Because the chances are akin to the brand name of an expensive refrigerator (Sub Zero) that The Magisterium will don sack cloth and ashes and repent of the 1960s conciliar revolution and return to the Ecclesiastical, Ecclesiological, Theological, Doctrinal, Dogmatic, and Liturgical Traditions that existed prior to the launch of the V2 rocket (Chardin was the gaseous fuel powering it) we will suffer more just punishment.

In the meantime, send your dollars to Catholic Vote and help them help the AmBishops fight tooth and nail for a crucial principle of protestantism - Religious Liberty