Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ben Shapiro - Donald Trump is Destroying Conservatism

Agree or disagree, you'll find this interview with political commentator Ben Shapiro quite engaging:


Anonymous said...

Is this one of the many riches of "premium membership"?

Why would Voris bother with this Doogie Howser high school debating club president the very week of the Michigan primary, unless he is pushing the same Breitbart neocon nonsense while faking objectivity? Wonder how this Ned Nerdlinger moral posing went over with long unemployed Detroit factory workers (do any of them bother with ChurchMilitant TV?).

Shapiro is following the career blueprint patented by Ann Coulter, just like Marco Rubio tried to follow that of Barack Obama. Neither are very good yet.

Neither, for that matter, is Voris, whose limitations become ever more apparent.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Shapiro is a conservative like Hollywood is moral.

It'd be nice if he defined conservatism but he won't because what passes for conservatism today is the liberalism of yesterday.

O, and he is a moral joke. He is in the middle of a social justice warrior attack - and he has sided with the SJWs , who always lie.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Poor Ms. Fields. She says she was once groped by Allen West; and wasn't she also accosted at the 1% protests?

Pertinacious Papist said...

Ben Shapiro was only one of three individuals whom Mr. Voris interviewed in connection with the issue of Catholicism and Republicanism. One of his other two guests included Alan Keyes, who had an interesting perspective, as you might well imagine. He basically sees Republicanism as Liberalism 'Lite' and thinks Catholics should wash their hands of both parties. Now at least two of the interviewees suggested that if Cruz were the Republican candidate, he might consider voting for him; though nobody else.

Connie Royale said...

Say what you want about Marco Rubio, wise guy. The man has a righteous five o'clock shadow.