Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Mullarkey on why anti-Catholicism will rise

Maureen Mullarkey, "Why Anti-Catholicism Will Rise" (The Federalist, March 1, 2016):
When the future looks back on this pontificate, Pope Francis might well be credited with having wakened the sleeping bogey of anti-Catholicism. His staged assaults on the immigration policies of a sovereign United States are the tactics of yet another community organizer, this one with a global constituency.

Francis’ Marxoid rhetoric, advancement of deceptive climate change narratives, and cozy photo-ops with anti-democratic—even murderous—regimes, rekindle old suspicions that popery is the enemy of free institutions.

... With one voice, pope and bishops confuse the freedom to emigrate (a responsibility of nations of origin), and the right to immigrate. Nowhere does there exist a right to immigrate to wherever one chooses, whenever, or by whatever means. Mexico itself imposes high penalties on illegal immigrants and those who aid them. But let no shibboleth be violated by reality.

... Francis’ personal popularity is largely a function of public perception of him as a doctrinal liberal. But as Americans recognize in Francis an advance man for “world authority”—the concept of a mega-state cached in Vatican minds through recent pontificates—affection for the man will not stay hostility toward the workings of his church. [emphasis added]
As Guy Noir comments: "Mullarkey -- overstating as is her won't, and -- hitting several nails squarley on the head."


Carlos Santana said...

She's right. Your enemy inevitably interprets your cowardly accomodationist Vichy babble and pleas for "dialogue" as signs of weakness. And nothing spurs your enemy to greater efforts than signs of weakness in his enemy.

The meltdown is here. In fact, it has been here for fifty years minimum. Its just that folks haven't been paying attention. And of course, that old crone of an art critic whose columns made R. R. SO uncomfortable at cocktail parties is given to "overstatement."

Santiago said...