Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Media freaks, Catholics smile: Pope Francis, EXORCIST???

Whether it was a blessing or a minor exorcism, the tabloid world now has even the mainstream media all a-flutter over the possibility that their "progressive" Pope genuinely believes in -- Gasp! -- THE DEVIL, and has been known to perform -- (passing out) -- EXORCISMS!

Harry Haydon, "Exorcism? Pope Francis caught on video performing strange ritual on fan" (The Sun, May 21, 2013).

[Hat tip to C.B.]

Update 5/31/2013: Confirmed: Man Pope Francis prayed over possessed by demons (Rorate Caeli, May 31, 2013):
A 43-year-old Mexican man whom Pope Francis prayed over in St. Peter’s Square on Pentecost Sunday said that he had suffered from demonic possession for more than a decade.


Anonymous said...

It was on Pentecost Sunday. If the Pope is charismatic, it would have been nothing for him to "perform an exorcism," which comes as naturally to Pentecostals as shaking hands. Especially on Pentecost Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I post the following on behalf of a reader who sent the following:

"As I was having trouble loading your site, I thought I would see what (if anything) the NCR had to say. The following is from a commenter called Hal Watts:

"Dear Holy Father,

"With all due respect, while you are in an exorcising mood, please consider removing these 'evil spirits' from our Church:

"1. The devil of hypocrisy--Bishops, cardinals, and priests who cover up their own sins while more than willingly pointing out the sins of everyone else.

"2. The demon of inflexibility--The hierarchy's refusal to bend on issues of family planning, women's ordinations, divorce and re-marriage, gay marriage, etc.

"3. The imp of incoherence-- The inability of the hierarchy to explain, in plain English, their positions on all the issues in #1 and #2 without finally resorting to tradition and authority ("It's that way because we say so, and we don't care a flip what you think!"

"4. The devil of exclusivity-- The hierarchy's insistence on having their way, come hell or high water, no matter how many people they alienate.

"5. While you're at it, please drive from our midst the many bishops who are totally out of touch with their flocks, and send that clunky New Translation of the Mass with them!
I couldn't tell whether to laugh, to choke or to take it seriously, but I thought you might be interested."

-- Site Owner

Anonymous said...

a man with disabilities is presented as devil-possessed, somehow to do with abortion law in Mexico -- what are they doing to this man?