Thursday, May 09, 2013

Atrocities against Syrian Christians

A Chaldean Catholic in our community sent this email:

"Atrocities that the Muslim terrorists are committing in Syria. We have too help the Syrians and especially the Christians who are being slaughtered by these atrociously wicked terrorists. My heart is crying for what is taking place in Syria and unfortunately instead of the West taking action they sit idle and allow Syria to disintegrate and the Syrians be butchered."
Please pray for our Syrian brothers and sisters in Christ. Just as the Western media turned a blind eye to the slaughter of Chaldean Catholics in Iraq, so they are ignoring the plight of Syrian Catholics and other Christians caught up in the horrors of the civil war in Syria.

There is not the least indication that our government is concerned. The Western media is largely indifferent. These Syrian Christians have almost nothing to help them but the communion of the saints, the unity of the Church triumphant with the saints-in-the-making of the Church militant. Your prayers count. So please stop and say a prayer for them now, asking St. Michael in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ to bind the satanic hosts unleashed upon their country.

[Hat tip to N. Yousif]



I am afraid that this picture is from a scene from an 'experimental horror short movie' (sic), called "Inner Depravity". Here is the link to watch it -it was posted 4 years ago at that web page-.

By the way, I am a regular reader, so I would also like to congratulate you on your blog.

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bill bannon said...

Am I correct that Christians in some cases have sided with Assad and that Al Qaeda is present amongst the rebels? So that you have bad fihting bad. Was this woman connected to pro government fighters? The abscence of detail on the causality of her death smacks of partial truth. Frankly our troops do not exist on earth in order to be paralyzed for life or killed as they clean up each middle eastern conflict. Our men leave babies at home in some cases. The motive for fighting should be non murky.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Mr. Bannon,

The term "rebels" is a term coined by the Western media. In Syria, of course, the opposition is viewed as involved in sedition, and it is no secret that it is heavily funded by jihadi interests.

Syrian Christians, like Christians most places, have tended to be 'conservative' and 'law abiding', supporting the regime that grants them security and safe passage. You are right, thus, in assuming that they have not sided with those intent on overthrowing the government, although to say that they have "sided with Assad," as if to suggest that they have approved of his current butchery would be hardly right.

You're right about the situation being a very 'mixed bag'. It seems that everywhere in the Middle East, our current administration has been supporting insurrection against imperfect but friendly regimes who have by-and-large granted stability to their regions and relative freedom to Christians. The upshot is, we have ended up funding radical jihadi groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Is that good? As you suggest, it's a mess.

Pertinacious Papist said...


Thank you for locating the image of the brutalized woman with the crucifix in her mouth, which can be found on the video at 1.26 (one minute and twenty-six seconds). I am removing the image from the post, but keeping the rest of the content, since the reality of the atrocities remains, despite the unfortunate mendacities involved in this image.

Thanks. - PB.

Pertinacious Papist said...

A reader wrote to me:

"It might interest you to know that the depraved "artist" (as he styles himself) who created those sick images is a French-Canadian man by the name of Remy Couture who, thank God, was actually brought up on charges of "moral corruption through propagation of obscene material" because of his horrific films. Alas, however, as one would expect out of liberal people such as the Canadians, a jury of his peers ultimately exonerated him of all charges, but it gives me some hope to know that he was at least charged in the matter.

"All the same, you are quite right in remarking that as disgusting as that staged image was, the actual atrocities being committed in Syria pale in comparison. Just the other day I came across a story (unfortunately with pictures) in which three innocent Coptic teenage girls were brutally raped and beheaded, and I'm sure you've at least heard of the now infamous internet video of a Syrian rebel cutting out and eating the heart of an Al-Assad solider. How incredibly gruesome! Indeed, let us pray that Our Lord and Lady will protect our brave brothers and sisters who are persecuted in Syria, Iraq, and across the world and bless those who have already been martyred!"