Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Haven't the sordid claims about Obama's Chicagoland "gay life" been discredited?

Snopes has nothing on this. Why?

Again, I would have expected Snopes to be all over this. What's a citizen supposed to think? If a claim is just too indecent to be taken seriously in polite company, it can't be true? Giving any consideration to such claims is the obsession of pathologically prurient minds, so we shouldn't trouble ourselves with them? This stuff just doesn't matter when it comes to serious matters of state? The deeper you dig, the more it stinks.


I am not Spartacus


Dynamic Silence might explain why the liberal Jewish California couple, who runs SNOPES, will not come within a galactic distance within this story.


I was learnt about Dynamic Silence from Dr. E Michael Jones who cites it as one reason why so few publications - even the ADL at times - identify him by name for if they did, some interested reader might google him, read his arguments, and find them persuasive.

Dynamic Silence is a totalitarian tool that libs like SNOPES uses to suppress any possible interest in a story.