Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Good news! Gun homicides have plummeted 39% since Clinton admininistration

I'm sorry to throw cold water on your reverie, in case this isn't good news for you, and you aren't interested in the facts (WASHINGTON AP).

Apparently most Americans aren't aware of the facts, either because they would rather nurse their delicious paranoia by feeding on the current administration-backed media hype suggesting (against the facts) that gun crime is spiraling out of control, or because they're simply uninformed (LA Times, May 7, 2013, citing Pew Research Center study).


Anonymous said...

plummeted since the BEGINNING of the Clinton Adm., 1993

Andrew said...

Glad to hear this news. I am the NRA and a hunter and a Catholic. But I fear that increased gun ownership is not the only reason for reduced homicides.

First, medical science has dramatically improved. More lives are saved in the emergency and thus what may have been a murder is now an assault.

Next, grimly, there are fewer people due to abortion. Margaret Sanger's dream of eugenically controlling the population has become a reality. African American neighborhoods have been decimated. In NYC, 40% of black pregnancies end in abortion. This pseudo-genocide may be another reason that crime rates are down. Inasmuch as Rudy Giuliani claims to have cleaned up the city by getting criminals off the streets, his pro-abortion politics have reduced the number of poor minorities who are more often the perpetrators and victims of such crime. This is a tragic reality.

Anon II said...

Obama has done more to promote NRA membership and gun sales than any president in American history.

The implementation of his favored policies of gun-free cities, by Emanuel in Chicago and Bloomberg in New York has done more to promote gang violence and homicide than free gun ownership in all of previous American history.

Stupid idiots.