Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catholic dioceses pay for contraception, abortion, sterilization?

In the latest example of discrepancy between word and deed, news broke this past weekend that the Archdiocese of New York is actually paying for some of their employees' birth control, abortions, and sterilizations through a union-negotiated health insurance contract signed years ago.

How do you think this looks to the watching world? Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York has been the front guy, carrying the RC torch and leading the charge against President Obama's HHS Mandate, demanding that it not force the Church to pay for such evils; and in the meantime, it already is!

Forget theology and morality for a moment. Perception matters. Think about this just in terms if "market image." Does this look smart? Does this look like integrity? Does this look like moral high ground? What word comes to mind? "Stupid" may be charitable; but it's much more serious than that, I'm afraid.

If even the normally left-wing U.S. media have been willing to criticize President Obama over the scandals currently rocking the its administration -- the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS crimes, the Department of Justice debacle -- how can the RC media be expected to give the Church a free pass on its contradictions, dissemblings, and looming hypocracies? Why didn't those who knew about these long-standing problems correct them? At the very least, why didn't they immediately come clean and admit them?

Hard questions, I know, though the answers are surprisingly simple. It's just that nobody wishes to face the consequences. Everyone is too deeply invested in the collective corruption to want to go out on a limb for a little word called "truth." What would Jesus say? What would Jesus do?

Here is Michael "Jeremiah" Voris doing what he does best: offending all of us with the inconvenient truth:


Anonymous said...

It's not just in New York. My friend teaches at a Catholic school in the AOD. I was trying to explain to her why the HHS Mandate is wrong and how it forces the Church to pay for contraception, which it considers an intrinsic evil. She was confused because her health insurance covers her contraception. (She receives her insurance through her job at the Catholic school) It kind of took the wind out of my sails. How do I respond to that?

JM said...

So much for consistency. A complete loss of credibility on the Bishops' "stand" against encroachments on religious liberty. You really have to wonder how these leaders think, and if their 'reality' is not very, very different from the faithful they enlist their support from. It is very hard at this point to see Dolan's profile and take much of what he says at all seriously, given this on the heels of his determined softball approach to Cuomo. Tack this on to the long list of strangities that go all the way up to Cardinal Schonborn. Meanwhile, we have a nice month or two of pleasant photo opps and soundbites from the Pope. Still hoping for a leader of action,

I am not Spartacus said...

Mr. Voris ought save his breath when it comes to appealing to Rome. It has its own million tubes of Butch Wax to deal with.

Besides, I think the constant appeals to Rome to save us from our Bishops is counter-productive. It renders us weak. Let's take care of our problems our own selves.

Start a campaign to withhold money from AmBishops until they start to straighten-up and fly right.

The money not given to them can be given to your local Real Mass Chapel or Church and also it is still inexpensive to buy your own self a pagan baby or two and to help feed, clothe, and educate them.

Godot will arrive before AmBishops return to orthodoxy; they are too ensnared in the Grand Coalition of the Status Quo, as Dr Rao calls it.

They love to be feted and pal around with sports stars and politicians and what they do, and refuse to do, is far more revealing of what they believe than the few words they say in support of Catholic Tradition.

A LONG time ago I was learnt that AmBishops want nothing to do with men like me but I am stubborn - I will not sever the Bonds of Unity (for that IS unCatholic) with them but my wallet is pocket-bound when it comes to them.

Sheldon said...

Now just watch: The wheels of "Jesuitical casuistry" will begin turning among the Neo-Cath Neo-Con mainstreamers and the next thing you know, they will be attempting to justify such moves by means of some such distinction as formal vs. material cooperation with evil.

You will hear: It may be "material" cooperation with evil, but that's not something for which we can be held culpable, since it's not "formal" cooperation with evil. We'd rather we didn't have to pay for our employees contraceptives, abortions, and sterilizations, but we can't really help that, given the old union negotiated contracts and now the HHS mandate. So our hands are clean.

Heads up for the crash and burn.

I am not Spartacus said...

Dear Sheldon. If you have not done so, you may want to read Dr. John Rao's, book, Black Legends and the Light of the World because it describes how it is AmBishops ended-up being part of the Grand Coalition of the Status Quo and so it is just business as usual for them.

One of the great pleasures of reading his book is to be found in the last few chapters - beginning with Chapter Eight - because he really drills into the core of our current problems and in the following chapters he has a lot of material taken from the 19th and 20th century genius Jebbie Editors of La Civilta Cattolica and a lot of material from the great French layman, Louis Veuillot, against both of whom our Whig Masters apply the dark art of Dynamic Silence.

I believe that in quoting those two sources, Dr. Rao has provided we Traditional Catholics with a political program to be followed that in its essence is a program wherein we Catholics are not members of a political party (least of all a Catholic Party) but adroit and adept members of ad hoc coalitions willing to temporarily support whatever political program or person favorable to our Catholic Cause.

I have to write that reading his book gave me great hope simply because he offers us a potential solution that is applicable to our time and place; and I love how he tears-apart the idea that conservatives are ever our friends.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT just a NY hypocracy as Anonymous stated. Do a Google search and you'll find the headlines from years past for other diocese (ie. Wisconsin) doing the same. We educated and enlightened can argue matherial versus formal cooperation all we want. A two year old can see the hypocracy in this.
God's Church now appears to be run by a bunch of hypocrites the likes of Judas.

God help us!
God have mercy on us!

Anonymous said...

My book budget has been shot for the near future. Too bad because I'd like to read it since I'm a fan of online and homeschool learning. I'd like to know where I may be going wrong but I know quite a bit about online learning and see nothing bazarre about it but am willing to learn.


Christopher said...

Context: Contraception Funding Charges Inaccurate, New York Archdiocese Says - The archdiocese had no other option but to pay into the fund which administers the union members’ benefits ‘under protest’ to continue to offer insurance to its union workers and remain in the health-care field in New York. National Catholic Register 05/31/13.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Oh yes, Christopher, that gets them off the hook of course. And so it will for abortion, stem cell harvestings for members' surgeries, and any other benefits that may be negotiated in the future. And Ab Falstaff's office full of flunkeys will say that all of that is "under protest" as well.