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Extraordinary community news

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Tridentine Community News (May 19, 2013):
Simplified Chants for the Propers: The Chants Abrégés

It has long been assumed that there are only two options for a cantor or choir to chant the Propers for Holy Mass: Either one sings the “full” version of the Propers as found in the Liber Usuális or the Graduále Románum, the official books of chant; or one sings the more simple – and quicker – Psalm Tone versions.

In reality there are two other options: On the side of elaboration, a choir could consider singing one of the [relatively few] polyphonic versions of the Propers. On rare occasions, such as for certain chants on Good Friday, Assumption’s choir employs some polyphonic Propers.

Another interesting option is to sing the official simplified chants as published by the Monks of Solesmes, the monastery charged by the Vatican to maintain the Church’s official books of Gregorian Chant. Originally published in 1926 as Chants Abrégés and republished in 1955 as Graduels, Versets de L’Alleluia et Traits, this book offers a simpler and shorter version of the chants than found in the Liber. Both the old and new editions are downloadable from

Congratulations Fr. Peter on 30 Years a Priest

Next Sunday, May 26, Fr. Peter Hrytsyk will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of his ordination to the Sacred Priesthood. He will celebrate a Solemn High Mass with Deacon and Subdeacon at Windsor’s Assumption Church at 2:00 PM. A reception will follow Holy Mass in the Social Hall.

Assumption’s Tridentine Mass Choir will sing a special program of multi-part music, with several guest singers. The Mass setting will be Claudio Monteverdi’s Missa In Illo Témpore, and the Communion Motet will be Morten Lauridsen’s Ave María.

Latin Mass Conferences in June and July

A reminder about three upcoming conferences of interest that will be taking place during the next two months:

The Church Music Association of America’s annual Sacred Music Colloquium will be held at Salt Lake City, Utah’s Cathedral of the Madeleine June 17-23. This is the world’s fastest growing conference on traditional sacred music. Over 300 musicians of all experience levels are expected. The week is designed as an intensive experience in learning chant and polyphonic singing for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of Holy Mass. Many of the world’s leading experts in sacred music, including Corpus Christi Watershed’s Jeff Ostrowski, St. Louis Cathedral’s Horst Buchholz, and our own Wassim Sarweh (pictured right) will be leading seminars. Further information is available on the Events page of

Sacra Liturgia 2013 will be held in Rome June 25-28. Organized by liturgical scholar Dr. Alcuin Reid, Sacra Liturgia brings together perhaps the largest gathering of prominent speakers in the Latin Mass world ever assembled, including Bishop Dominique Rey, Bishop Peter Elliott, Fr. Uwe-Michael Lang, Fr. Nicola Bux, and recently appointed director of the Vatican’s Office for Sacred Architecture and Music, Abbot Michael Zielinski. Further information is at

The annual Fota Conference on the Sacred Liturgy will be held in Cork, Ireland July 6-8. Its theme this year will be a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosánctum Concílium. Talks will be held at the Clarion Hotel in Cork, and liturgies will be celebrated at the nearby Ss. Peter & Paul Church. walk-in registrations are welcome.

None of these conferences concerns themselves exclusively with the Extraordinary Form, but the EF plays a central role at all three. Detroit and Windsor’s Tridentine Mass Communities have historically been well represented at conventions such as these, where likeminded individuals from across the globe congregate. Not only is there the chance to meet and exchange ideas with renowned figures from the Latin Mass and Sacred Music worlds, but one can also experience exemplary liturgies that inspire us to do better back here at home. Some big names are making the rounds:

CMAA leader Jeffrey Tucker will be speaking in Rome after his own conference ends. Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland, Oregon, formerly Bishop of Marquette, Michigan will also be speaking at both Salt Lake City and Rome. Raymond Cardinal Burke will be speaking at both Rome and Cork.

Tridentine Masses This Coming Week
  • Mon. 05/20 6:30 AM: Low Mass at Old St. Patrick, Ann Arbor (Pentecost Monday)
  • Mon. 05/20 5:00 PM: Mass at St. Mary, Westphalia, MI (Pentecost Monday)
  • Mon. 05/20 7:00 PM: Low Mass at St. Josaphat (Pentecost Monday)
  • Tue. 05/21 7:00 PM: Low Mass at Old St. Patrick, Ann Arbor (Pentecost Tuesday)
  • Tue. 05/21 7:00 PM: High Mass at Assumption-Windsor (Pentecost Tuesday)
  • Wed. 05/22 6:30 AM: Low Mass at Old St. Patrick, Ann Arbor (Pentecost Wednesday)
  • Thu. 05/23 8:30 AM: Low Mass at Old St. Patrick, Ann Arbor (Pentecost Thursday)
  • Fri. 05/24 6:30 AM: Low Mass at Old St. Patrick, Ann Arbor (Pentecost Friday)
  • Thu. 05/23 8:30 AM: Low Mass at Old St. Patrick, Ann Arbor (Pentecost Saturday)
  • Sat. 05/25 4:30 PM: High Mass at Ss. Peter & Paul (west side) (Trinity Sunday [anticipated])
  • Sun. 05/26 Noon: High Mass at St. Albertus (Trinity Sunday)
  • Sun. 05/26 2:00 PM: Solemn High Mass at Assumption-Windsor (Trinity Sunday)
[Comments? Please e-mail Previous columns are available at This edition of Tridentine Community News, with minor editions, is from the St. Josaphat (Detroit) and Assumption (Windsor) bulletin inserts for May 192013. Hat tip to A.B., author of the column.]

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