Friday, May 31, 2013

AD of NY: abortion & sodomy promoting fornicator/governor = RC "in good standing"?

I avoid naming names, because it's pointless: this is no longer unique to any particular diocese, even if the Archdiocese of New York has been in the spotlight lately.

What's happening here? A peculiar allergy to standing by unpopular Church teachings? a classic exhibition of feet of clay? spines of jello? Pray for our Church leaders. If they spend more time on their knees and pondering God's Word, they may be less impressionable by the grandstanding politicians surrounding them; more concerned with pleasing God than men, filled with the fear of God and less fear of crouching tigers and hidden drag queens.

More of the same from Michael "Jeremiah" Voris doing what he does best: offending all of us with the inconvenient truth, about what he now regularly (and perhaps appropriately?) refers to as "The Church of Nice" or, more interestingly, the "American Patriotic Church" (after the "Chinese Patriotic Church," which, in contrast to the Chinese "Underground Church," accepts state-appointed bishops and goes along to get along with anything that comes down the administrative pipeline from Beijing).

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I am not Spartacus said...

Ellen Weiss was head of NPR during the time her husband, Rebbe David Saperstein, led the successful political movement for homosexual "marriage" in New York and, surprise, surprise, during that campaign NPR gave only positive coverage of the movement.

Now, we all know why Mr. Voris can not speak about such matters - if he even knows those facts.

Godot will be the NY Rangers Goalie before some Catholic, other than Dr. E. Michael Jones, overcomes his fear of the Jews and starts talking the truth.

C'est la vie.