Friday, August 17, 2012

Catholic ex-lesbian to be interviewed by Teresa Tomeo

I just received this email from a friend in the area:
"On September 5, during the 8-10am Teresa Tomeo radio show (in our [Metro-Detroit] area at 990am or online at Ave Maria Radio) my dear friend Robin Beck will be speaking about her journey from gay life back to the Catholic Church. The show will be broadcast on her 3rd anniversary of leaving gay life. She will be speaking about her personal journey, the joy of returning to a fully faithful Catholic life, and the struggles of the past years. You won't regret listening, or reading her book, I Just Came For Ashes,which you can pick up on Amazon.

"Hope you have a chance to listen in, and pray for her mission to reach out to those currently in gay life, and looking for the truth of Christ."
Readers may remember our previous post on Robin Teresa Beck and her book, "Lesbian quits gay community after 30 years, comes out Catholic" (Musings, July 12, 2012). The book is worth reading; and the interview will surely be worth hearing. If you have any contacts you would like to hear the interview, please contact them. It's rare these days to find somebody willing to stand up and testify to the truth about gay life, let alone air their story on Catholic radio. Pray for Robin and Teresa and their interview on September 5th.

[Hat tip to D.R.-E.]

Related: Robin Beck was interviewed by Teresa Tomeo on Thursday, August 23, 2012, in the 3rd and 4th segments of the Catholic Connection. LISTEN HERE (the interview begins at 32 minutes and 20 seconds).

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