Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why Romney picked Ryan

Watch the President's eyes from the first frame and tell me what he's thinking as Ryan takes apart his fiscal policy in 6 minutes:

Now, tell me, does it really make sense to suppose that Grandma in her wheelchair will be SAVED from being pushed over the cliff by the President's fiscal policy?


Anonymous said...

"tell me what he's thinking "

His reply would show. I guess he followed Ryan's argument attentively, while reflecting that Ryan had no positive alternative to offer, nothing except a vague populist slogan: "Take health care out of government hands and give it back to the people."

Frank said...

Anonymous, you're insane. Remember, "look at his eyes." The first look is one of rank fear ("Oh no, not HIM!"). The second look is that of a school boy being scolded. The third look, the one you describe as "following Ryan's argument attentively," is one of pure derision. He's not hearing a word Ryan is saying. He already "knows" Ryan's position and despises it, because his bluff has been called, and he knows it's true: he's been on a wild spending spree with his daddy's credit card, and he knows there's no way of ever beginning to repay the debt, and no plan to do so. He's been called on it, and he hates it, and despises it, because it's the bitter truth. Like the irresponsible pot-smoking adolescent he has always been, he can't handle the truth.

Ryan has no "positive alternative to offer"? It should go without saying that he's about the only person on capital hill with an actual plan for fiscal survival. You may not like it, but what's your alternative, spending more of daddy's credit card? What would more quickly push Grandma over the cliff than bankrupting Social Security and all the other entitlement programs that have seduced Obama fans? Puhleeze!

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

To me, he wasn't paying attention at all. His eyes had an unfocused look about them. He almost looked crosseyed.

He looked like Jimi Hendrix days before his death-by-drowning-in-vomit, when he reportedly staggered around the stage and muttered, "diz place a drag, y'all mo_____fu______ers"