Friday, August 10, 2012

Political spin: an illustration

1. A pro-Obama poster showing a smiling president and states:
"Imagine if a Republican President:
  • Pulled us out of the worst recession in over 80 years
  • Produced over 2 straight years of private sector job growth
  • Created over 4 million jobs
  • Saved the American auto industry
  • Killed Osama Bin Ladin
  • Aided in helping kill Gaddafi without a single American casualty
  • Ended the war in Iraq
  • Championed the lowest taxes in decades
"He'd be considered a conservative legend. Instead it was a mixed-race Democrat. So that means he's a socialist, anti-American foreign born Muslim who hates Christians and wants to destroy capitalism. Funny how that works."
2. A recent appeal by Sen. Rick Santorum notes by contrast:
Since Obama took office, we've had:
  • 41 months of unemployment greater than 8 percent. 
  • 23 million Americans struggling to find work.
  • 1 in 6 Americans in poverty. 
  • 1 in 4 children on food stamps.
  • Our national debt has grown by over $5.2 trillion to $16 trillion.
  • We have had 4 consecutive years of deficits exceeding $1 trillion. 
  • Gas prices have increased an average of $1.65 a gallon, at a time when real wages are stagnant.
  • On President Obama's watch, 5.7 million residential mortgages are either 30 days delinquent or in foreclosure. 
  • President Obama has put us at a disadvantage versus China. In the last year alone, China has increased its manufacturing base by 18 percent and grown its economy by $2 trillion.
Of course, this only scratches the political surface of spin. Draw your conclusions.

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Chris said...


If a president creates jobs, isn't that a government, "make work" job?

Osama Bin Laden can only die once.

How does the government creating jobs not make Mr. Obama a socialist?

Just asking ....