Thursday, August 16, 2012

Catholics have a double standard too

But the problem is that most so-called Catholics already are!
There are two problems here: (1) The Obama administration's HHS Mandate runs rough shod over the freedom of Catholics to practice their religion, which includes -- for those Catholics who give a fig about Church teaching -- abstaining from complicity in the sins of abortion and sterilization ... all of which flies in the face of Democratic principles of individual liberty and freedom of conscience; and (2) most nominal Catholics, and even many that go to Mass more often than Easter and Christmas, don't find anything wrong with Obama's HHS Mandate, because they already support a "woman's right to choose" and covertly (or sometimes not-so-covertly) practice contraception themselves.

Is there a message here the Church leadership can take to heart about the consequences of neglecting to offer a clear catechesis and stalwart defense of Church teaching?


Anonymous said...

perhaps that question could be put 2 cardinal dolan.


Elizabeth said...

That's a most telling statement on the image and since it's in quotations, that indicates that it's a quote, literally.

I have no doubt about what Obama thinks of us Catholics and what he's trying to do, but did he actually say that? Since it's in quotation marks, he must have. I went to the website and couldn't find it. I googled the phrase and came up empty. I'm quibbling for the sake of honesty while we as a country have this argument. Did he actually say that?

Jordanes551 said...

Since it's in quotation marks, he must have.

Is that like, "I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true"? :-D

He obviously did not actually say those words. I does not appear that the person who created this "meme" intended to say that Obama had actually said those words. (But I think you're right that the words are what he really thinks of the Catholic Church and what his plans are.)