Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ex-priest leads starts break-away church in NC

Michael Gordon, "'Leaving in Sorrow,' Catholics start new church ..." (Charlotte Observer, August 13, 2012): "Tom Sanford left the priesthood; now he’s back to lead a small congregation breaking away from the Diocese of Charlotte." "The small community of Catholics became unhappy with what they feel is a regression from progress made in recent decades." They meet in an old Lutheran (ELCA) church in Hickory, NC. Read more >>

I am acquainted with these folk and I am sorry to hear about this, though not entirely surprised. Mr. Sanford was invited by the chaplain of Lenoir-Rhyne University (ELCA Lutheran) to preach at the school chapel a number of times, ostensibly as a representative of area Catholic clergy in an "ecumenical" gesture. He always wore his clerical collar. He and his wife were also active in hosting catechetical programs in their home. His wife has apparently chosen not to leave the local Catholic church.


Anonymous said...

schism is a tragedy and a crime

Scott W. said...

My father in law is retired ELCA pastor from southwestern VA who went to Lenoir-Rhyne. He related a story of contact with a Catholic priest who was "open" to inter-communion. Wonder if it was this guy.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Could be, Scott W. But it could also be any number of nominal Catholics these days. According to statistics, only about 10% of those who call themselves "Catholic" know and practice their faith.