Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lenoir-Rhyne University comes out of the closet

My friend Sean Fagan just sent me the link: "LTSS to Host Author of 'My Two Moms - Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family'" (LRU-LTSS website, announcing Sept. 10th event).

Oh how flippin' "TOUCHING"!! What a fabulous "witness" to the surrounding culture: to simply ECHO its most fashionable Hollywood sentiments to its loud applauding self-congratulation. Elton John must be slobbering up another gay song. Altogether now: blechhhhh. This is nothing less than the vision H.R. Niebuhr would categorize as the "Christ OF Culture," i.e., the Gospel OF THE CULTURE itself. In still other words, Christ has been swallowed up and replaced by a hell-bound culture of pandering narcissism and wallowing self-indulgence. Lovely. How sad. How pathetic. Chalk one up for the Devil.


Robert Allen said...

"(It) even land(ed) him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Wow, I'm impressed; you can't do much better than that. Kinda like the homosexual equivalent of Carnegie Hall.

Sean Fagan said...

If LR, as a liberal arts school, pulled a stunt like this, I wouldn't be as shocked or disappointed. However, this is a Seminary of the Church. It may be a liberal church, but crap like this-a public affirmation of heresy-just rubs me the wrong way.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Amen to that, Sean. Perhaps I should have made the seminary connection clearer. LRU (=Lenoir-Rhyne University), and (LRU-LTTS=Lenoir-Rhyne University, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary) -- which gives new meaning to the term "sem-inary" (I use the term lightly).

Sean Fagan said...

As Stephen Starr might want to say, "It is one giant gaggle of faggotry."