Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Lawler on Card. Dolan’s upcoming appearance at the Democratic Abortion Convention"

Via Fr. Z. (WDTPRS, August 29, 2012): "Phil Lawler at CWN has some thoughts about the Card. Dolan’s upcoming appearance at the Dems’ Abortion Convention. He doesn’t so much consider whether Dolan should have offered to go or whether he should have accepted, but rather whether the DNC should have extended the invitation and what Dolan’s appearance at the convention might mean for them."

There is much that is interesting here, including the commentary by Fr. Z. Lawler's chief point however seems to be this (Lawler's words):
"One way or another—because he is treated rudely, as an enemy; or because he is treated politely, as a foreign dignitary—Cardinal Dolan’s appearance in Charlotte will help Catholic voters to notice that they are no longer 'at home' in the Democratic Party. Like the cardinal they may be accepted as guests, but as long as the Democratic Party embraces the culture of Death, Catholic Democrats will be operating on alien territory. "Cardinal Dolan offered to attend the convention if his presence was wanted. The truth is that he is not wanted. But the Democratic Party has chosen to pretend, and that is a serious tactical error." [emphasis Fr. Z.'s]
Fr. Z. asks: "Is Lawler on to something here?" I wish he were.


Alan Aversa said...

Fr. Z made an excellent point: "And what if Card. Dolan's prayer is disastrously generic?"

Unless Card. Dolan makes it really hard-hitting (e.g., explicitly condemning abortion and contraception, explicitly upholding extra Ecclesiam nulla salus, etc.), he's not going to differentiate, for the average American, the Catholic Church from all other political bodies; he'd portray the Catholic Church as one of many apparently equally true religions—viz., he'd spread the heresy of religious indifferentism, and it'd be better for him not to go. Oremus pro eum.

stanchaz said...

Obama called the bluff of the Republicans (The Party of Wealth) who had "claimed" that the Democratic Convention was scheduling a two hour Muslim service (!) while deliberately
( and no-doubt demonically) excluding the good ole Cardinal. In addition, Obama balanced Dolan with an opposing Catholic voice from Sister Simone Campbell at the Convention. Good move.
Let’s face it: Cardinal Dolan is a Prince of the Church who wants to be King-maker. 
But I’d like to humbly remind the good Cardinal, as he parades under the spotlights
of the political conventions: that there is room for only ONE real super-star in his religion. 
The one who started it!                                                                              
For as the Cardinal addresses and blesses the Republicans and their billionaire buddies,
as he smiles upon those who would destroy Social Security & voucher Medicare to death,
and as he struts on the stage with those who readily admit they “don’t care about the very poor” would be good for the dear Cardinal to remember -and take to heart- 
the words of his boss, who once said “Whatsoever you do for the least of these - you do for me”.
Unless perhaps, ...just perhaps, the Cardinal is working for someone else these days?
Just asking.
Our Founding Fathers wisely realized that politics, secular power, and religion do not mix.
That they bring out the worst in each other, ....that ultimately they would destroy each other, and us.
A pastor.....should stick to his pulpit, not political conventions. Period.

Sheldon said...

"... the Republicans (The Party of Wealth) ... and their billionaire buddies ..."

Fair enough, but there's been a massive shift since the Truman days, mate. Seven of the ten richest U.S. Senators, I understand, are Democrats (like John Kerry), and I don't know who is more beholden to the Wall Street financial czars than the Obama administration. Where did those 7 trillion U.S. Dollars go, after all?

Otherwise, your right on target in my book.

Scott W. said...

Considering his GOP prayer was rather generic, we can probably expect something similar. Fear not. The status quo--that is, our Hegelian Mambo to Gemorrah--will remain undisturbed.

Anonymous said...

When you write that the Republican party is the party of wealth you did not “flesh” that out. How is it that they are the party of wealth? Would you happen to have a quote from a leading Republican stating that he/she does not care for the poor? Also, on what information do you base your opinion that the Republicans would like to destroy Social Security? My husband and I are on Social Security and medicare. Obama has taken over 750 billion dollars out of medicare to fund his health care. We have already been told that the two best dentists in our area will no longer be taking medicare patience. They can't afford it. It would cost them more to treat us than medicare will pay. Due to the looming health care law many doctors have said they will quit practicing medicine. My husband's primary care physician is one of those who will be quitting. As a senior citizen, I am very much for the voucher system. You see, at least if medicare doesn't pay for all the treatment, we will be allowed to make up the difference. The republican's plan would not change anything for my age group, those under 55 could begin saving for that and if Obamacare is repealed, businesses could begin hiring again so that they can afford that little thing. Better yet, small businesses can once again flourish.

We as individuals have been given by our Lord the command to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty etc. If you had control of the money that the current administration is taking from your paycheck to fund Solyndra, Acorn (whatever name they go by now), Planned Parenthood etc. do you think that you would have better opportunity to live the gospel?

Is it my understanding that you are in agreement with Sister Simone Campbell? Are you then a proponent of abortion and same sex marriage that sort of thing?

Just for the record, I am not Republican or Democratic. And I believe that GW Bush was a very bad president.


Henry said...

Good call Donna! Excellent!