Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lesbian quits gay community after 30 years, comes out Catholic

One of our friends since coming to Michgan, Robin Teresa Beck, has just authored I Just Came For Ashes(Dunphy Press, 2012), a remarkable story about her exit from a same-sex lifestyle as well as her departure from her Evangelical Protestant background in order to come into full communion with the Catholic Church. This book is an articulate testament by a woman of deep faith, possessing impressive talent, and a disarming sense of humor that will leave you laughing till it hurts, intrigued, edified, and unrelentingly inspired throughout.

After 30 years as an active member of the gay community, Beck innocently walked into a Catholic Church with a friend one Ash Wednesday just to "do ashes". Having no intentions of leaving gay life or of ever become Roman Catholic, I Just Came For Ashesis the amazing story of God's alternate plans for His daughter's life.

As one reader put it, "Her story is a song of praise to God, the “hound of heaven” who never stops pursuing his lost sheep even into the darkest corners. To read this book is to have one’s amazement rekindled at the relentless love of God, the power of grace and the treasures of the Catholic faith."


Kevin M. Clarke said...

Good review! Putting it on my wish list! (I think you meant to say "Ash Wednesday" rather than "Good Friday")

Pertinacious Papist said...

Yes, Ash Wednesday, thanks for catching that and pointing it out!

thomas tucker said...

Is it on Kindle?