Saturday, July 07, 2012

"It's better naked"

Another undertaking by "Bad Catholic" (see previous post below) and others is the blog 1flesh, which carries the banner: The revolt against contraception in marriage." It's the kind of thing my colleague Janet Smith would love, as any GOOD Catholic should.

That's what makes this so "bad," as in "really good."

One thing you'll enjoy, in addition to all the excellent posts you'll find here (some with video clips) is the collection of great graphics, with slogans like "Stop supporting breast cancer," or "100 percent organic," "Free range, hormone-free people," or, yes, "It's better naked."

And then there are the articles, like "How condoms ruin sex," or blog posts, "In response to Jezebel," by Marc (1flesh, July 5, 2012), or "I love you just the way you aren't," by Jacob (1flesh, July 6, 2012).

Kudos to our friends at 1flesh! Good show folks!

[Hat tip to C.B.]

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