Monday, July 30, 2012

Trent, Vatican II, and clarity


bill bannon said...

As general and as rabble rousing as Corapi and no more interesting and observes the first commandment of Catholics making money within the system... subtly keep the Pope above all criticism....and lightly read conservatives will pay for what you do.

Anonymous said...


Seems to me you've been reading a bit too much Mark Shea - who also makes money within the system.

Anonymous said...

the good bishops of Vatican II could have dogmatized their new teachings about Judaism and religious freedom, but that would have made the teaching less, not more, persuasive

Sheldon said...

I know next to nothing about Mark Shea or Corapi, but I dare say from what I have seen that Mr. Voris offers a message badly in need of being heard by the vast majority of American Catholics, regardless of what Mr. Bannon calls its "general and rabble rousing" character.

In fact, rather than qualifying his statements to death in a 'scholarly' manner, Mr. Voris' generality may be exactly what the Catholic mainstream needs, in all its simple clarity, in addition to the exhortations that may actually steel their wills to act. It is quite apparent that the rank and file are not getting what they need elsewhere, even in their Sunday homilies.

bill bannon said...

I don't read Mark Shea but rarely though I have seen years ago excellent Biblical commentary by him. I think his blogging might be preventing a greater talent in him by far...Biblical commentary....but maybe it doesn't pay the bills.
Why are so many Catholic commentors anonymous?