Wednesday, July 04, 2012

More fun: "Ex-lax Catholics"

"3.5 time-outs: confessions of an ex-lax catholic" (Not a Goblin, But a Troll, July 3, 2012) writes:

"[A]s a certifiable REALcatholic, i pride myself on not being accommodating or lax with anything or anyone.... [T]he downside to this, at least in my experience, is that being so uptight makes certain, um, “movements of nature” a little more difficult to execute...."

All of which leads to a discussion of Metamucil, Phillip's Stool Softner, Milk of Magnesia, Apricots, and "reading posts by Amy Welborn (go figure)."

[Hat tip to C.B.]


Anonymous said...

I wonder what I’m missing here. Maybe I’m being a little sensitive because of my own life’s trials due to Catholic related problems with painful results, but I don’t find this funny and wonder if those like me are being mocked.
BTW My pain is not due to girl altar boys but I’d like to go on record as saying I hate to see them.


JFM said...

Hysterical ... his whole page. Can't tell, however, who the real target of his jaded send-ups are.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Dear Donna and JFM,

I agree there's an ambiguity about where the author really stands and who the targets may be. JFM, you catch the zany humor, nonetheless, even if you don't, Donna.

Although JFM may share a bit of my perverse humor, I'm totally sympathetic to anyone like Donna who doesn't.

Having said that, I wonder if you don't have a touch of the humor too, Donna, with your reference to "girl altar boys." Love it! Just as I also hate the phenomenon, which I agree is misguided. Boys want a challenge in a boy's club. Servers at traditional Latin Masses have that, and we typically have upwards of 12 or more at Sunday Masses. I've never seen that at Novus Ordo Masses. Once girls have membership in the club, the boys bail out.