Thursday, March 29, 2012

So much to pray for ...

  • Lenten resolutions
  • Supreme Court decision
  • World peace (Iran, Israel, Korea ...)
  • Pope's intentions
  • Bishops and priests of the Church
  • CDF-SSPX petitions
  • US Presidential election
  • Health of the Holy Father
  • Next conclave
  • The salvation of souls
  • Souls of the departed
  • The good of the Church
  • Ourselves and our families
  • and so much more ...

1 comment:

Flambeaux said...

and for those of us who feel too worn out to pray any more...

for those who feel their prayers go unanswered...

for the grace to accept the answers we do get...

for perseverance in the Faith...

I could go on...but would you mind just offering a prayer for me, Dr. Blosser?