Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The audacity of Voris

Here I am using the term "audacity," not in its pejorative sense, but in its meaning of "boldness or daring." You remember how John the Baptist got himself beheaded by pointing out Herod's immorality. After taking a quick look at some of Voris's recent episodes of "Vortes," I am amazed at his utter lack of hesitation to speak uncomfortable truths of the kind that will likely get himself shut down sooner rather than later by the Pelosi thought police. At the same time, his doubtless offensive broadsides are laced with a number of significant insights about current political developments that many would find much less offensive if they were simply better catechized:


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Voris will take up the cause of Fr. Marcel Guarnizo. I hope so. As I see it we all need to stand beside this very good Priest.


Pertinacious Papist said...

Hi Donna,

I certainly hope so. I agree: faithful priests need support, not to be marginalized.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Fr. Guarnizo violated Canon 91. Let’s see naughty Fr. Guarnizo is suspended and Fr. Michael Pfleger is apparently a priest in good standing in Chicago. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Voris's witness reminds me soemwhat of the zeal of a little Catholic nun who spoke clear and firm despite constant threats and sneers by the modernists in the USCCB leadership -
Mother Angelica -EWTN

viva cristo rey!

Christine said...

Gotta love that Michael Voris!