Sunday, March 04, 2012

Freedom of religion a threat to homosexualism

Theologian George Weigel wrote on Secretary Hillary Clinton's speech at Georgetown University, "For those with ears to hear in Gaston Hall that day, the promotion of the so-called LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/ transgendered) agenda had just been declared a human rights priority of the United States, in the same sentence in which the secretary of state had offered an anorexic description of religious freedom that even the Saudis could accept."

Watch Chuck Colson as he reminds the world that religious freedom is God-given, and not a gift from government.

Also, I add: please note (1) the critical distinction drawn by Colson between "freedom of worship" (which the world may construe as private and non-threatening) and "freedom of religion" (which has public dimensions that cannot avoid threatening the world's partisans of public vice) -- as well as (2) Secretary Clinton's subtle and nefarious conflation of "freedom of to love in the way you choose" with "freedom of worship," as though they were equivalent human rights and liberties ... a symptom of jurisprudential positivism gone to seed!

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