Friday, March 30, 2012

Sacred music in Rome set to tank?

"What’s up with sacred music in Rome? Nothing good, it seems" (WDTPRS, March 30, 2012), based on Sandro Magister's gloomy prediction: "Not Sacred Music, but Sounds of Attack" (www.chiesa, March 30, 2012): "After the choir of the Sistine Chapel, the conservatory of the Holy See is also about to be conquered by those responsible for the musical disarray of recent decades. To silence from the pope."

A very sad article and a pitiful situation, if it is the least bit accurate. Machinations of saboteurs behind the back of a tired pope, that point to musical trends "as far as can be from the 'spirit of the liturgy' which informs his entire vision as theologian and pastor." Not merely pitiful. Pathetic.


WannabeAnglican said...

As if the music at the Vatican isn't mediocre enough.

Anonymous said...

The Spirit of the Liturgy -- Catholics have always been able to write beautiful books about the liturgy but have never been able to put on a decent liturgy in practice.

Anonymous bosch said...

Oh, please. Granted, Anglicans generally put on a good show. Granted, you have to look for good Catholic liturgy like a needle in a haystack these days, but you can find it, and find liturgy of such glorious grandeur that will leave the most showy Anglican show looking rather parochial. Check out the Mass of Ages magazine for venues, of which there are aplenty in London.

I am not Spartacus said...

...but have never been able to put on a decent liturgy in practice.

When one reads a bathetic comment, one is tempted to respond, This is stupidity on stilts, however, this needs something with more force; This comment is stupidity lashed to the Space Shuttle