Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Diocletian Hussein Obama"

From Fr. Z:
Cyrus became God’s instrument to build up the Temple again. Obama is unifying Christians. He may very well have some victories in the short term, but our help is in the Name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Obama, like Pilate, ought not forget that any power he now wields was given to him from above.

If Pres. Obama can be, in this context, compared to Cyrus, then my friend, the great Fabricius Romanus (who rants far better than I rant and who knows US politics better than 99% of us reading and writing here) has provocatively dubbed our President as "Diocletian Hussein Obama." Fabricius explicat:
Mutatis mutandis the agenda of Diocletian wasn’t so different, and not just about Christians: he too was a big spender who exploded the debt and devalued the currency, he too sought to regulate the economy by centralized planning with catastrophic results, expanded the bureaucracy to unprecedented levels and planted the economical-administrative roots of the final collapse of the Empire. At least he had Galerius crush the Sassanid Persians. Let’s hope the Incompetent in Chief of today won’t try to imitate that last part too in the next few months, and solely for electoral purposes.
That’s a “No” vote from Rome.

Cyrus or Diocletian… Pres. Obama must be a one term president.

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