Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interviews with Chekada, author of Work of Human Hands

With the requisite disclaimers, from Rorate Caeli (March 26, 2012):
"... as it has happened in such occasions in the past, our readers know that we post information we consider useful even if we deeply disagree, in fundamental and non-negotiable principles, with their authors. That is the case, for instance, when we post encouraging news from the Eastern Orthodox. And it is also the case today as we post two excerpts on an interview granted by Fr. Anthony Cekada exclusively related to the liturgical history of the Mass of Paul VI, as explained in his well regarded book, Work of Human Hands.

"Work of Human Hands has been praised by reviewers as diverse as author Dr. Geoffrey Hull ("well documented… original and worthy of attention"), liturgical historian Dr. Alcuin Reid ("flags the big question we've not been prepared to face"), ICEL Director Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth ("an important contribution to the current debate"), and Dr. Stephen McInerney ("the definitive traditionalist critique"). One of Abp. Bugnini's closest collaborators in his liturgical work, Fr. Matias Augé, who was closely involved in preparing and organizing the orations in the Missal of Paul VI, declared about the book: "The title itself is an open polemic against the Pauline reform — as if it were nothing more than the product of human scheming."

"With this disclaimer, we present the interviews, with introductions by the author himself."
See interview videos here >>

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Ralph Roister-Doister said...

The reason that even Rorate Caeli approaches Fr Cekada with warnings and caveats galore is that he is a sedevacantist traditionalist priest, though he may have been ordained within the SSPX. Just do a little browsing and you will see.

But there is nothing that says a sedevancantist priest cannot speak with trenchant intelligence on a great many subjects, and Fr Cekada has a reputation for doing so, and for backing up his statements with solid scholarship. It is telling that the heavyweight champion of NeoCath house scholars, Fr. Aidan Nichols, treats him with extreme circumspection (and even a grudging compliment or two), instead of the head-patting condescension with which he usually dismisses traditionalists.
Make no mistake about it, Cekada is nobody's fool -- certainly not Pope Montini's.