Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"For the record: Monsignor Nicola Bux's letter to Bishop Fellay and the Priests of the SSPX"

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I am not Spartacus said...

Mons. Bux's letter is, sadly, spiced with false claims and in response to such claims the SSPX will prolluy, sub rosa, just roll their eyes.

I will just identify one such false claim.

Mons Bux says -Come take part in this blessed future in which we can already foresee dawn, despite the persistent darkness. Your refusal would increase darkness, not light. And yet the sparks of light we can already admire are numerous, beginning with those of the great liturgical restoration effected by the motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum".

Well, it is quite sad to witness a highly respected real insider(as the Begetter of the BBB Bund, Fr Z., describes him) make claims that are clearly factually incorrect.

The M.P. Summorum Pontificum a restoration?

No. And we know that because Our Holy Father said so his own self.


(SEPTEMBER 12 - 15, 2008)


Friday, 12 September 2008

Fr Federico Lombardi, S.J., Director of the Holy See Press Office: What do you say to those who, in France, fear that the "Motu proprio' Summorum Pontificum signals a step backwards from the great insights of the Second Vatican Council? How can you reassure them?

Benedict XVI : Their fear is unfounded, for this "Motu Proprio' is merely an act of tolerance, with a pastoral aim, for those people who were brought up with this liturgy, who love it, are familiar with it and want to live with this liturgy. They form a small group, because this presupposes a schooling in Latin, a training in a certain culture. Yet for these people, to have the love and tolerance to let them live with this liturgy seems to me a normal requirement of the faith and pastoral concern of any Bishop of our Church. There is no opposition between the liturgy renewed by the Second Vatican Council and this liturgy.

And while he was still, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and the Prefect of The Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of The Faith (former "Holy Office"), he revealed in "The Ratzinger Report" (p. 124) that he rejected any idea of a restoration when it came to the "Indult" for the Real Mass.

As Vittorio Messori ( "The Ratzinger Report" was a book-length interview he conducted) stated: Far from regarding this "Indult" on the lines of a "restoration," he saw it rather in the context of that "legitimate pluralism" which has been so stressed by Vatican II and its interpreters. Let us hear from the Cardinal himself...

And Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger avers, Prior to Trent a multiplicity of rites and liturgies had been allowed...I would personally support a return to the ancient situation, i.e., to a certain liturgical pluralism. Provided, of course, that the legitimate character of the reformed rites was emphatically affirmed...

Almost everyone is better informed than me and so it is difficult to see this letter from this Vatican Insider as completely outside of a polemical context, perhaps intended as an emotional appeal meant to sway those anxious for an agreement at whatever cost and to entice them to apply pressure on The SSPX to settle for anything they can get.

Said differently, I see this as a romance in which one party is not firmly attached to reality and I can not see the SSPX plighting their troth to such an uncertain suitor; however, because I do specialise in error, I could be completely wrong.

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome letter. It gives me such hope. I pray communion is at hand.

Sheldon said...

Bux's letter may have been "awesome" as an appeal from the heart.

Not Spartacus's comment is "awesome" as an appeal to realism, which some of us are reluctant to face.

Thank you, Not spartacus, for your missive, even if it feels like a bucket of cold water.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Msgr. Bux's letter is soft-focus Catholicism, awash in emotionalism and tired, predictable metaphor. Reading it is painful.

But look at the blubbery responses it got from many of Rorate Caeli's supposedly mossbacked traditionalist readers. The emotional card is a potent weapon, and we can expect it to be played regularly by the nouvelle churchman that dominate Rome and our church around the world. Unfortunately, too few Catholics will look at Buxian hogwash and wonder, "is that all there is?"

I am not Spartacus said...

Dear Dr. Ralph is, as usual, on point in his commentary.

I found it nettlesome that so many write-backers at Rorate Caeli got the vapors after reading that letter; and, I did not even get into Mons Bux's comments re Dominus Iesus, part of which was at pains to explain, again, what Subsist means - and if one were to do the sums of those subsist-means-this explanations, one would soon arrive at a number approaching the number of African babies adopted by white Hollywood starlets.

Dear Sheldon, thanks