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The Archdiocese of Detroit’s Church Photo Collection

Tridentine Community News (March 18, 2012):
Readers of a certain age have a radio jingle carved into their memories: “And the hits...just keep on comin’...” [followed by a well-known station’s call letters – If you don’t know which one, ask almost any native Windsor or Detroit resident age 45-65, or e-mail the address at the bottom of this page for a recording]. So it is with our subject today: More of a good thing has appeared.

In recent weeks we have mentioned some important photo libraries of Detroit’s historic churches that have been posted on-line, namely Andrew Fanco’s Detroit Church Blog, David Keyser’s DET Catholic Churches web site, and Andy Hoxie’s “cath4ever” Flickr photo library. This week we have learned of yet another significant collection of photos, the Archdiocese of Detroit’s “AODFilmServices” set, found at and created originally to make the movie industry aware of potential filming sites. Almost every parish in the Archdiocese has its own set of photos, though not every set includes photos of the particular church’s interior. One example is this photo of Dearborn’s St. Barbara Church:

Additional Churches for the Historic Church List

Readers’ input and a perusal of the AODFilmServices collection have yielded some more churches that deserve inclusion in the list of architecturally significant churches featured in this column’s February 26, 2012 edition. We will therefore continue with the count, again classifying the churches into three categories (A=Historically intact, B=Somewhat modified, C=Significant modifications but still possessing original features).

A Class: 34) St. Stephen, New Boston; 35) St. Benedict, Highland Park; 36) St. Barbara, Dearborn

B Class: 37) St. Veronica, Eastpointe; 38) St. Michael, Monroe; 39) Immaculate Conception, Lapeer

C Class: 40) Christ the King; 41) St. Suzanne; 42) St. Vincent de Paul, Pontiac; 43) St. Mary, Royal Oak; 44) Sacred Heart, Yale

Forty-four architecturally significant churches in the Archdiocese is certainly an impressive number. If we care about the lessons in the Faith that such edifices impart, we must strive to preserve these buildings for future generations.

Anglican Ordinariates Adopt Tridentine-Like Calendar

he Anglican Personal Ordinariate for the Chair of St. Peter in the United States and the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in England and Wales have published their first Liturgical Calendars. In keeping with Anglican tradition, which is itself based upon the Traditional Latin Mass Calendar, the liturgical year will include the pre-Lenten season of Septuagesima; the Pentecost Octave; Rogation Days; Ember Days; Sundays After Epiphany; and “Sundays After Trinity”, a concept resembling the Extraordinary Form’s Sundays After Pentecost. There will be no “Ordinary Time”.

In both its Calendar and its Ordinary (the unchanging parts of the service), the new Anglican Ordinariate Liturgy in many ways resembles an English translation of the Tridentine Mass. It is no surprise that our new brethren Roman Catholics of the Anglican tradition have selected such elements; their love of traditional worship has long distinguished them from other Protestant denominations. The more examples of traditional liturgy approved by the Holy See, the better for the Extraordinary Form in the long run.

Triduum & Easter Tridentine Mass Schedule

Once again St. Josaphat Church will be offering the complete Triduum in the Extraordinary Form. On Good Friday a later service will also be offered at Windsor’s Assumption Church to suit everyone’s schedule.

Thu. 04/0 7:00 PM: Holy Thursday Mass at St. Josaphat

Fri. 04/06 1:30 PM: Good Friday Service at St. Josaphat
Fri. 04/06 5:30 PM: Good Friday Service at Assumption-Windsor

Sat. 04/07 8:00 PM: Easter Vigil Mass at St. Josaphat

Sun. 04/08 9:30 AM: Easter Sunday Mass at St. Josaphat
Sun. 04/08 2:00 PM: Easter Sunday Mass at Assumption-Windsor

Sun. 04/15 9:30 AM: Low Sunday Mass at St. Josaphat

Sun. 04/15 3:00 PM: Low Sunday Mass at Assumption-Windsor, preceded by Confessions and the Divine Mercy Novena

Tridentine Masses This Coming Week

Mon. 03/19 6:00 PM: High Mass at St. Joseph (Feast of St. Joseph) – Replaces the usual Monday Mass at St. Josaphat

Tue. 03/20 7:00 PM: Low Mass at Assumption-Windsor (Feria of Lent)

Sun. 03/25 12:15 PM: High Mass at Ss. Peter & Paul (west side) (Passion Sunday)
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Sun. 03/25 12:15 PM: High Mass at Ss. Peter & Paul (west side) (Passion Sunday)
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