Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Two articles on Pope as usher for second coming of Peronism

These are two different articles by Maureen Mullarkey on the same topic; she calls the second an "addendum" to the first:
“Peronism may be a good example of the high cost of social reform when it is indulged in a rhetorical and at times high-handed and arbitrary way.” — Guido Di Tella, “Perón-Perón 1973-1976.”

“Peronism is the highest level of consciousness reached by the Argentine working class.“ — Statement of the Movement of Priests for the Third World, 1971

“We mustn’t pay too much attention to people who talk to us of prudence. We must be fanatical.“ — Eva Perón

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The comment of the week from another website:

"What is the personal impediment preventing the Holy Father from honoring procedures developed and employed through wisdom gained by experience? What impels someone to continually shake up the cart? Is this man unable to navigate prudential systems? Why burden a bishop inexperienced in canon law, overburdened with multiple responsibilities both moral and practical? In this case, what exactly is so onerous about taking the few extra months to do the procedure with due examination? Are those in these situations unable to delay their need for resolution for a year? Is that common with adults? Are such individuals, unable to shelve their personal needs for a time, suitable to take on the responsibility of marriage in the first place? Why would the Holy Father give deference to such comportment? Did an adult assume the Chair in March 2013? A pastor? Mother Goose? The disappointment and mortification presently provided by Rome is
disheartening. This is poor pastoral practice. This will not do."