Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Pope makes a large impression

Maria Pia Negro Chin, "Mural of pope looks out over New York’s Madison Square Garden Mass site" (Crux, September 3, 2015):
NEW YORK — New Yorkers and tourists in Midtown Manhattan have been gazing up at a smiling Pope Francis at one of New York’s busiest intersections.

A 225-foot tall hand-painted billboard welcomes the pope, who will be in New York Sept. 24-26.

The welcoming message is located at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 34th Street, near Madison Square Garden, where the pope will celebrate Mass Sept. 25.


Scott Woltze said...

Umm, shouldn't the giant mural be of a monstrance or Sacred Heart image or something? Evangelicals must be (rightly) horrified at that kind of papolatry.

Chris Garton-Zavesky said...

Notice -- as of your picture -- that it hasn't been defaced.

(Looking for silver lining, I found this.)