Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An insightful analysis of what's really at stake in the October Synod

(Pace Echeverria!)

"It's About Jesus!" The Enemy's tactics are insidious, and the target is what is superlatively precious in the eyes of God.

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John Fante said...

Paul VI deconstructed some of the sacraments. He turned extreme unction into a circus sideshow. But he didn't get all of them. That is what this synod is for: gather around the conference table, boys, let's talk about marriage.

Vatican II instituted pastoralism as a deconstructive tool. Paul was the first exemplar of its use in committing autopsia upon the living body of truth. To a greater or lesser extent, all of his successors have either encouraged others to use this tool, or have used it themselves with gay abandon, as is the case with the current first-among-equals. The message and the methodology have been set. "St. Montini the Great" is probably only a few years down the line. Last one out blow out the candles.