Saturday, September 12, 2015

“Is there anything still worth fighting for?”

Here is Fr. Z. taking an NRA ad as a sort of allegory for what is also going on with the Church. He writes:
"I don’t watch a lot of TV, and when I do it is usually news or news commentary stuff on cable, and then usually Fox, and even then I am more often than not multitasking.

"However, from time to time (if the volume isn’t turned down) I catch a strain of music that penetrates through the logorrhea and turn to look at what is going on. Not rarely it happens that what caught my ear was the music of an NRA commercial.

"Here is a sample."

"I can’t help but make a connection with what is also going on within the Church.

"We have to rise up and fight now for our Catholic identity and doctrine, wielding especially the spiritual weapons of prayer and fasting.

"BTW… there is also a spot with Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke about Law Enforcement Officers which is worth your time. As a matter of fact, quite a few of those commercials are pretty darn compelling. Try one on media dishonesty which strikes home (apply as well to the catholic media).

"Now… watch the libs melt down."

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