Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maureen in Exile. Mark Enthroned.

As Guy Noir's telegram states:
First Ann Coulter, now MM... Oh well...

Sandro Magister, "Homosexuality on the threshold of the Synod: Two Conferences in Rome" (Settimo Cielo, as translated by Rorate Caeli, September 30, 2015)

... as a prophecy of this:

R.R. Reno, "No More Tirades" (First Things, September 29, 2015)

... followed up by pertinent eulogy:

Ben Domenech, "A Note On First Things And Maureen Mullarkey" (September 30, 2015).

... followed up by Mark Shea as the new tone-setting American Catholic voice who laughingly calls others malicious and batshit crazy:

Mark Shea, "A Suggestion for R.R. Reno at First Things" (Patheos, September 30, 2015).

... "batshit crazy"? "lunatics"? "roaring and frothing"? "atavistic nuttiness"? "Frankenstein"? "nuts"? "non-serviam to the gospel"? "twisting themselves in pretzels of hatred and defiance"? "hard hearts"? "enemies of Peter"? "repent"? Sound like someone you'd like for a spiritual director?
One reader wrote in and said about R.R. Reno's recent article on Mullarkey at First Things: "If you look at FTs trustees, specifically Russ Hittinger, and then read an interview he did about Pope Francis, and [consider] Hittinger's place on a Pontifical Commission, you'll complete the circle."


Anonymous said...

You can find MM's offending column here. Some great observations on celebrity and iPhones.

I wish First Things had kept her on, but I can also see where she makes them skittish. Just as Pope Francis does. But it's kind of hard to cut loose the Pope.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

As one of the biggest presences in ultramontanism, The Yosemite Sam of the Pathos Posse is forever rhetorically shooting others for disagreeing with his personal opinions as though they are universally normative.

Even with such a league target presenting itself, Tradition has not been able to bite him there and take hold; no, all must bow before Mark as the putative golden mean of Catholic discourse and his rants are neither funny or effective and he has now descended into the hip-hop rhetoric of describing others as "haters"

His haughtiness lacks any genuine humor or nuance and when one compares him to a, say, Fr Cekada, who can be both wry and sly,Yosemite Sam appears to sound like fat Frannie, the Field Hockey Goalie who has let the other team score the winning goal in a district semifinal contest and she is now crying and blaming the defense for her own incompetence.

O, ABS almost forget, but who can even keep track of his personal attacks against men much smarter than he who have openly challenged him to a debate - debates he always refuses.

c matt said...

And to think I once used to read Shea. What happened to him?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Even with such a league target presenting itself...

large, not league

what is it with these auto-correct programs?

ABS has never required irksome software to write like an idiot

Steve Dalton said...

Mark Shea is nothing but a leftist Protestant wearing a Catholic mask, a mask that has been falling off his fat face a lot lately. That's why he attacks traditional, conservative Catholics, he hates true Catholicism. IMO, he never shook off his earlier secular and Protestant biases, and it shows in his blog posts and correspondence.

JM said...

Actually, Mark Shea is probably a well-meaning but pretty insecure man, hiding behind his blog curtain, currying friends by shouting out first name references to other popular bloggers while he drives over naysayers. It's live revenge of the nerds cast n theological blogspeak. That may sound rude or mean-spirited, but how else to explain his take-no-prisoners mudslinging all gussied up with faux Christian charity. It is pretty disturbing to see the NCR giving him roost. It's an embarrassment to the Church.

Bluto said...

"But this pontificate makes an idol of The Poor, an abstraction by which it justifies its own rancor toward the developed world"

Damn right it does! Vice, not virtue, fuels this engine of Catholic hypocrisy. El Caudillo is a hater. And we are the objects of his hatred. Deny it if you want. The pansyism at the heart of the laity guarantees that most of you will.

Shea is a digitally-friendly puppet. Slip him a few bucks and insert.