Sunday, September 06, 2015

"Homosexual Weapons Research (May 2005)"

According to Reuters News Agency (Jan. 16, 2005), the Pentagon rejected a 1994 proposal to develop an “aphrodisiac” to spur homosexual activity among enemy troops. The idea of fostering homosexuality among the enemy figured in a declassified, six-year, $7.5 million request from a laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio for the funding of non-lethal chemical-weapons research. The proposal, disclosed in response to a Freedom of Information request by the Sunshine Group, called for developing chemicals affecting human behavior “so that discipline and morale in enemy units is adversely affected.” ("The News You May Have Missed: Tenth Anniversary Edition," New Oxford Review, July-August, 2015).

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Just imagine the Harvey Milk Dud Bumping Bomb dropped into the rear of the enemy army.