Monday, September 22, 2014

Video clip: Fr. Hardon on why he refused to recommend H.U.v. Balthasar book for Ignatius Press

Interesting! Beginning at 3:53 on the video timeline, where Fr. Hardin is addressing the question of Judas's eternal fate.




This is not so much interesting to me as sad. No one at Ignatius Press so many years later will deny HcB's thesis. In fact, they just re-issued said book, I suppose as a rejoinder to Ralph Martin. As far as Hardon being moved toward sainthood, this begins to mean less and less. JPII was more an HvB universalist, and Good Pope John greased the wheels for Rahner's "Anonymous Christian" b.s. Even as we attempt to shore up tradition, the modern Church moves to enshrine it ecclesiastical history to Modernist infusion of Vatican II. Hence we have Pope Francis, and the growing ranks of those who can't say anything too offensive since it does not wreak of love. Witness even First Things questioning itself on the question of love and gay sex! The hesitations about certainty that mark the perimeter of modern theologies are being drilled into the pylons of our 21st century Church. Can anyone with a straight face imagine any modern Pope issuing a decree like the last two Pre-V2 Marian ones. No way. Out leaders no longer believe in honest to goodness dogma. Instead, they believe in this ever fluctuating idea of living tradition. We need to evangelize the pagans -- no we don't. We need to denounce sin -- no we don't. We need to warn people about Hell as a likelihood -- We should no scare people. We need to insist that remarriage after divorce is adultery. Hahahahaha! Time to get with the 21st century, man. Hardon would not be welcome in the Rome we know today. He would be considered an embarrassment.



Fr. Hardon?



FYI. Correct spelling is "Hardon"

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