Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For the record: latest update on SSPX status assumes "full communion" but "imperfect reconciliation," says commentor

[Disclaimer: Rules 7-9]

Details come from Fr. Claude Barthe, "La Fraternité Saint-Pie-X en état de « réconciliation imparfaite »" (L'Homme Nouveau, September 24, 2014), translated HERE (RC, September 24, 2014).


BenYachov said...

What if they did return to full communion under Pope Francis.....the irony?

Tyburn's Dentist said...

I think imperfect reconciliation is a dental anomaly that can be corrected by a competent orthodontist.

Mighty Joe Young said...

Maybe we have reached the ecclesial version of the amnesty-for-vietnam-draft dodgers moment but that would require that we presume that the Bishop of Rome wasn't more like General Curtis Lemay when it comes to the enemy (traditionalists) rather than being a pacific peanut farmer but these happy predictions of an impending reconciliation ignore the reality that Fellay would be abandoned by his troops if he signed a peace treaty with the Vatican Cong.