Sunday, September 21, 2014

Playbook for October Synod, repeat of V-II?

Our trusted underground correspondent in an eastern Atlantic seaboard city that knows how to keep its secrets, Guy Noir - Private Eye, wired us the following memo from his private yacht just moments ago. He writes:
They have a post up on "The Pianist" that they seem to think is very important. To me it sounded simply like the Cliff Notes (remember them?!) version if the playbook used at Vatican II. But this post.... For me it hit the nail on the head and describes our situation with startling precision. And -- surprise -- Garrigou-Lagrange is consigned to "Monster" status, whereas we get a papal reading recommendation on Kasper. Stew on that one next time Weigel begins extolling the urgent glories of the New Evangelization, and your com boxers argue with you that on the question of gays, what we really need is better conversation with them, and can't quite manage to see the small distinction between self – identity and behavior. They say sin makes you stupid. So does willfully turning your back on your past.
Indeed. I seriously doubt that anything earthshaking will come out of the October Synod in terms of official statement. Rather, as Guy Noir said in an independent telegram I received earlier today, "it is the tonal implications that will have the seismic effect," particularly as these are "spun" in the media.

[Hat tip to G.N.]

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