Sunday, September 28, 2014

For the record: "The Rise of Bergoglianism"

A "very harsh assessment of the current pontificate," as Ferrara warns in a cautionary note to the reader in "The Rise of Bergoglianism" (The Remnant, September 26, 2014). His rationale? That someday he and his fellow traditionalists might be exculpated for "what was done to the Bride of Christ," presumably under this pontificate. [Disclaimer: Rules 7-9]


BenYachov said...

I can't resist a light snark & sarcasm. You are all warned.


Ferrara giving a harsh assessment of the Pope?

Yeh He has never done that before this Pope...;-)

In other news water is wet and ice is cold.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

It wasn't that long ago that Ferrara's colleague, Michael Matt, was unctuously declaring that "neo-pelagians" should refrain from criticizing the loopy and occasionally baiting remarks of Pope Bergoglio. I take it that now it's ok, Michael?? Oh good. Tell Voris, will you?

FWIW, I said my piece about Bergoglio awhile back, and there's no reason to repeat it all here. It's going to be bad for awhile, probably for a long while. Bergoglianism is nothing more than the "spirit of Vatican 2" at its worst. Nothing new here. I keep recommending Massimo Faggioli's book "Vatican II: The Battle for Meaning" as an excellent primer for understanding modernist intentions. It will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Bergoglio and his successors for decades to come.

None of this began with Francis, and none of it will end with him. The modernists simply have no one of consequence to oppose them, certainly no trads, not even "conservatives". Ratzinger, certainly no trad, has already been squelched. In Burke they are attempting to neutralize one of the more prominent Ratzingerian conservatives.

Let's not be stupid about it: Vatican politics are as internecine as any. For decades we have been reading the insipid blubberings of various nouvelles about their persecution at the hands of the Piuses and their henchmen. Modernist payback began fifty years ago with the inception of the most wonderfullest council ever. Faggioli of course complains of the opposition of various "conservatives" in the years following the council. But progress was steadily made in those years, and with the ascension of Bergoglio, mop-up is all that there is left to do. Then the reconstruction can begin in earnest.

JFM said...

"...with the ascension of Bergoglio, mop-up is all that there is left to do."

Ka-ching. I wish I had not read that!

JM said...

I used to think Ferrara's "The Great Facade" was alarming and a bit freakish. I am growing towards the opinion it makes as much if not more sense of our Heir Weigel & Co. Ratzinger comes and goes under the categorization of a reactionary, even if he is closer to a Karl Barth than a Karl Adam. So what would not seem harsh when the standard backdrop is the ambiguous Newspeak of our current Rome, one that has a default setting towards an obligatorily Catholized sort of Barthian theology of Beauty, with Jesus as the Ultimate Flower template and all of us as buds awaiting final spring.