Monday, September 15, 2014

"Special Report: Catholic Establishment Media"

[Rules 7-9]


John Lamont said...

The reference to Fr. Coughlin is very bad judgment (at the very least) on Voris's part. Coughlin was an anti-semite and Nazi sympathizer whose silencing occurred after U.S. entry into World War II, for the very good reason that he was supporting the country's enemies. Voris destroys his credibility by using this example; an unfortunate result since most of the talk is accurate.

Steve Dalton said...

Fr. Coughlin was a political radical who endorsed stuff that would be considered mainstream leftism today. Read Jonah Goldburg's "Liberal Fascism" for a summery of Coughlin's real views on politics and economics. For Voris to regard Fr. Coughlin as a sacrificial lamb to the Catholic establishment makes me question what are Voris's own political and economic views are.