Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Impressive French theological contortionist demonstrates how indissolubility of marriage can co-exist with pardonable divorce and re-marriage

This guy out-performs the Jesuits in casuist gymnastics. In fact he manages to square the circle, and -- voilà!! -- Behold! a round square! Something I'm not sure even God is capable of producing on a good day. Eee-haw!

Msgr. Jean-Paul Vesco, bishop of Oran

"Bishop offers a solution on Catholic divorce and remarriage" (Global Pulse, September 28, 2014):
In a text published on the website of the weekly magazine La Vie, Msgr. Jean-Paul Vesco, bishop of Oran in Algeria,proposes a theological and legal solution for Catholics who have divorced and remarried.

Msgr. Vesco, former Prior Provincial of the Dominicans in France, and bishop of Oran since 2012, discussed his position in an interview that accompanies his text. He states: “I firmly believe that it is theologically possible to assert the indissolubility of real conjugal love and the uniqueness of sacramental marriage, and at the same time the possibility of pardon in the event that lifelong marriage – one of life’s most beautiful but perilous adventures – fails.
Follow the good Msgr. Bishop Vesco through his tortured theological contortions if you wish -- Read more here >> For my part, I will continue to pray for the state of the Church and the discernment of her shepherds.

"Solution," my left foot!


BenYachov said...

Fix the link big guy.


BenYachov said...

Cardinal Kaspar seems to believe some development in doctrine can be made that creates an exception that proves the rule.

Like EENS and the salvation of non-believers by negation who follow some extra-ordinary grace.

Or the fact "error has no rights but erroneous people do".

Well if he wants to hope in vain I say let him.

The Church is protected by the Holy Spirit.

At best they will make Annulments easier.

That's it.

JFM said...

This sounds quite like Kasper:


And Kasper sounds quite like Pope Francis. What is quite amusing is Kasper talking about the timing of the book as an intentional shot from non-Francis fans, when it being put out by IP, a publisher that has done nothing but gush over all things Francis.

Catholic Mission said...

October 1, 2014
All the Cardinals at the Synod on the family in their catechesis will use the irrational right hand column in the intepretation of Vatican Council II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church