Friday, February 07, 2014

Search engine's logo presented in the colours of the rainbow flag to coincide with the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi

And Guy Noir comments: "I guess Gov. Cuomo has the right idea after all. Certain views are illegitimate and wrong. The State and the Culture will legislate morality. Their morality. Does absolutely anybody think that without a robust counter witness our children stand a chance of adhering to what we believe to be the Truth? Maybe it is because I teach and frequent the web, but to me this seems demoralizing on several levels."

The full extent of Google's self-righteous moralizing can be viewed in its bloated amplitude at "Rainbow Google doodle links to Olympic charter as Sochi kicks off" (The Guardian, February 7, 2014).

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I am not Spartacus said...

There is the possibility as the new paganism makes it ever clearer that it accepts and promotes perversion, indifference, and hatred of religion, that the youthful Christian Catholic will have good and evil placed squarely before him (just as God said it would be) in such a fashion that his choices will be stark and deadly and stark and Salvific.

Those of us in the Boomer Generation thought we could have it both ways but we are slowly processing towards Extreme Unction (like a brick passing through the kidneys of the Body of Christ leaving terrible damage behind) and God will make use of our ghastly, repulsive ideas, and praxis.

Cultural chiaroscuro can be captious and deadly or captious and comforting.