Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Diabolical hatred directed toward a priest

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf reports:
This is also emblematic of the sort of mail I receive all the time. It also shows that there is a demonic side to the perversion of God’s plan and gifts.
Fr Z,

I know that we have our disagreements but I need to share this one with you.

Earlier today I spoke with a friend about what the future holds for priests given the situation gay activism. I pointed out that the day isn’t far off when we are served a notice of human rights violation for being unable to officiate at a same-gender “marriage.”

A self-described transvestite emailed me a few months ago and asked if he would be welcomed in our parish. I replied with what one of my colleagues described was a very “understanding, caring response.” (I can share this with you if you wish.)

Only tonight I offered him the following follow-up:

Hello ___,

I hope you are well. This is to follow-up on our previous conversation about your involvement at St _____’s Parish. I’ve been on the lookout for you to introduce yourself to me but I haven’t been able to find you.

How are you liking our parish? Is there anything I can do to assist your spiritual development?

Fr ____

This was his response (WARNING–obscene language):

Are you drunk, sicko get the f*** out of my inbox it’s midnight. You expect me to show up there after you told me I could face discrimination from you flock of subhuman morons? F*** you. You’re lucky you haven’t been served with a human rights notice. F****** Nazi c*** s***** f*****. You know you gotta be pretty f***** naive to believe the filthy b******* you spread. Do the world a favor and go kill yourself. Your f***** family too.

Master of theology master of F****** b*******. Must be proud.

Creepy pedopriest

I have to admit that this left me deeply disturbed. I’m beginning to seriously wonder if there might be a demonic element to segments of the sexual liberation movement, and now I think I have a glimpse of what people might be thinking when I get hostile looks while wearing my Roman collar in public.

Ask your readers to pray for us. Ugly persecution is coming.
It is here. More and worse are coming.

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David Mink said...

"served a human rights notice"...

There it is - that's the next step. People don't seem to realize that this whole homosexual insanity is a smoke screen for something else - and that is the end of the First Amendment. Do you really think our political elites care about homosexuals? They care about them as much as polar bears, or war protesters. Once they get their hooks into the first amendment, they can move to the next step; following their comrades in Canada and Europe, they will instigate some kind of human rights star chamber. The Mathew Shepard Law (Remember that one? The thought crimes legislation) will be used to cattle prod anyone still living in biological reality. I don't know how exactly it will go down, but that's the outlines. But don't worry...we'll still have our rainbow hearts to feel smug about.