Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lamont on Nicea, "second marriages," and Communion

John Lamont, "No the Council of Nicea did not admit 'remarried' to Communion: 'Second Marriages', Distorted Historical and Theological Evidence, and a Very Grave Mistake" (RC, February 11, 2014).


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The relaunch of Cereti's book is an interesting sign of the times. In one way it is a characteristic feature of the current pontificate; old radicals from the 1970s judge that their hour has come at last, and go on to the offensive again

I can't imagine any man being ungrateful to learn the facts nor can I imagine any man thinking that the conclusion by the good Professor is just after he had written this in the text of his response to Magister:

A few months ago Cereti republished a scholarly study he published for the first time in 1977 and then again in 1998, entitled: "Divorce, new marriages, and penance in the primitive Church.".

Cereti published the claims in 1977, 1988, and in 2013 during the reigns of Paul Vi and John Paul II and now, Pope Francis, and so it appears that Cereti consistently thinks his time has come and , thus, this latest publication is not as Prof Lamont claims it is - a characteristic feature of this Pontificate.

JM said...

Not characteristic feature but telltale sign. 20 year intervals does indeed seem like looking for the right time, since I doubt the market for this stuff is very big.