Thursday, February 27, 2014

"ChurchMilitant.TV" says it will not engage in public criticism of the Pope

An interesting policy statement, given the fact that Michael Voris has been not in the least hesitant about criticizing the Church's bishops. Sufficiently interesting, in fact, that it has been called "CMTVs mystery manifesto" by Louie Verrecchio (Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II, February 26, 2014), who suspects that someone other than Voris authored the piece.


Michael F. said...

As much as I wish Michael would show more restraint and respect when it comes to our bishops and priests, I give him credit for this decision.

Whether or not Michael Voris actually wrote this, it does seem to be the policy of CMTV not to bash the Pope. Good for them!

I hope Michael and CMTV don't give in to pressure from people like Ferrara and Verrecchio.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Hi Michael,

This issue aside, have you read Ferrara's Liberty: The God that Failed, or The Church and the Libertarian? Excellent, IMHO. The latter has even been used as a textbook at our seminary. Just wondered what you thought. I also wonder what you thought of the book he co-authored with Thomas Woods Jr, The Great Facade, and particularly of their concept of "virus" (as distinct from "heresy") applied to innovative notions that can't be rendered propositionally.

Steve Dalton said...

I do not wish to be a "basher" but I can't honestly see how an honest Catholic can avoid criticizing Pope Francis for his stupid remarks and actions. During the first year of his pontificate, he has caused much confusion by his public statements, and much concern by his actions. Sincere, loyal, and thinking Catholic want answers, not pats on the head, and being told, there, there by Vatican and Catholic media spokespersons.

Frankly, I can't see how Voris can honestly avoid criticizing the Pope. The Pope(s) ordained all those bishops that he justly criticizes, so he must share the blame with them for the mess the Church is in today.