Monday, May 21, 2012

Telling words of Pope to FSSPX's Bp. Fellay

"Rome-SSPX - Fellay speaks in Vienna: the words of Pope Benedict XVI" (Rorate Caeli, May 21, 2012):
You have surely heard that, in the last few months, Rome has offered us a solution - we could rather say, a recognition.

... It is quite clear that this offer is also very, very controversial in the Church at large. I can assure you: it is the will of the Pope. This must not be doubted. But it is certainly not the will of everyone in the Church....

"One must not think that things will be easy afterwards. To use the words of the Pope that describe the situation quite well: 'I know,' he said, 'that it would be easier both for the Society and for myself to leave the situation as it currently is.' This describes very well the situation, and also that the Pope himself knows that he, when he does it, will be attacked.
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JFM said...

When I read this it gave me hope. I find this pope enigmatic like Paul VI. I am also pleased to find that regardless of subcurrents, all his official decisions and words seems quite supportive of the Great Tradition. I am grateful. As Neuhaus wrote years ago, "the Center holds."