Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Freak extreme: Hans Küng becomes Sedevacantist

"Freak extremes meet: Hans Küng becomes a Sedevacantist, declares Benedict XVI schismatic over SSPX" (Rorate Caeli, May 23, 2012). Sometimes you just couldn't make this stuff up!

Citing an article published today in the Südwest Presse, entitled "HANS KÜNG - Papally provoked disobedience" (for which he offers his own translation), Rorate Caeli editor writes:
No, this is not May Fools' Day: heresiarch Hans Küng, who, "in his writings, has departed from the integral truth of Catholic faith, and therefore ... can no longer be considered a Catholic theologian nor function as such in a teaching role" (Declaration of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Dec. 15, 1979), has lost all notions of basic sacramental theology - and takes from this the most hilarious consequences. [Read more >>]

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