Saturday, May 19, 2012

Straight eye for the queer guy

[Hat tip to Fr. Z., "Dust up in the Diocese of Davenport"]




Or was that "Crouching Tigers, Hidden Drag Queens"?



Depressing. You will not hear any Catholic leader opposing gay marriage talk about homosexuality as sin... the rhetorical war has already been won, since every Catholic pronouncement as apologetic. If the Bishops think their influence (what there is of it) will remain, they are crazy. If they do not find Catholic teaching convincing on this subject -- and they most obviously do not -- who will?! The saddest part is people who are struggling with this orientation are being sold down the river...

Teens, proudly announcing their homosexuality? And the Church goes hummingly along? How braindead -- and spiritually dead -- can one be? Really, this seems far more alarming than the whole health care fiasco. A shame.