Friday, May 04, 2012

The Bible & homosexuality: responding to Dan Savage

Activist Dan Savage recently made news when, in front of an audience of high school students, he went on a vulgarity-laced rant about the Bible and homosexuality.

Here is my friend Jimmy Akin from Catholic Answers in San Diego illustrating how dispassionate and clear-headed a response to Mr. Savage can be. Notice, by way of contrast to Savage: no personal ad hominems. Just simple facts and inferences. Take 'em or leave 'em.

[Hat tip to Robin Beck]


bill bannon said...

Jimmy is very good. If Savage doesn't accept Paul in Romans, why bring up Leviticus at all. The man rejects the Bible. However you Pope Benedict fans, read section 42 of Verbum Domini. He does not like the fact that the Bible has God ordering the dooms of the Canaanites...just like JPII didn't like that the Bible has God give death penalties in the first person imperative
( section 40 of Evangelium Vitae). So Benedict switches to insinuation and says that such passages must be handled by those with "expertise" in understanding historical context....insinuation: let's get
critico-historical scholars to attribute the dooms to man not God in the name of higher scholarship. Instead let's read Plato in Bk3 of the Republic: males who indulge in culture but rarely in sports lose masculinity. Benedict needs to pull away from the piano...not accept the perfume being made for him...and work on the dumbbells. I don't like the dooms either but they are a momento mori that God not only loves but He can end each of our lives of our lives in sin as one possible among others. That's why we work out our salvation in fear and trembling...a concept gone from Catholic- speak but still in the Catholic Bible in Phillipians 2:12.
So Savage is not the only one with biblical relativism...our papacy can do it too.

Anonymous said...

lame! he found one careless remark about Leviticus and just ignored all the other points made by Savage. Instead he goes on about guardrails etc.